Selected Works

Personal Essays

BUZZFEED  How Therapy Doesn't Make Me A Bad Christian  

FUSION Why I Got A Labiaplasty in My 20s

CATAPULT       A Love Letter to Harlem

                           A Hunger for Men's Eyes

LITERARY HUB  Writing While Black 

THE GUARDIAN   Forget 'the cult of domesticity': how I learned the subtle power of cooking

RACKED   Modesty, Religion, and What Happened When I Pierced My Nose   

FEMSPLAIN That Time My First Real Crush Humiliated Me 

TALKING POINTS MEMO The Psychic Toll of Reading The News While Black 

HUMAN PARTS  When You First Stare Back At Yourself 

 ELECTRIC LITERATURE The Struggle To Be A Good Critic 

xoJANE   I'm Afraid That My Passion for Social Justice Scares Men Off

                 Why I'm Through With Apologies From Racists  

 FOR HARRIET  What A Four-Year-Old Taught Me About Police Brutality

THE HUFFINGTON POST The Gift of Love and Memory 


BUZZFEED  Who Gets To Take Part In The Menstruation Conversation?

RACKED The Quiet Racism of Instagram Filters


Profiles and Interviews

THE CUT (NEW YORK MAGAZINE)  Claudia Rankine on Black Glamour

LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS Doubt and Shame in "The Mothers": An Interview with Brit Bennett

VICE    'Luke Cage' Is The 'Hip-Hop Comic Book Show' You've Been Waiting For

             Two Glasses of Sangria with Comedian Phoebe Robinson

THE TOAST  Writing, Trans Identity, Race, and All the Poetry: An Interview With Meredith Talusan

Literary Journalism and Analysis

NYT BOOK REVIEW 'Whatever Happened to Interracial Love?': Fiction by an Author Who Died Young

HAZLITT   Reading Bored, White Girls

ELLE  Toni Morrison: Writing Is a Dangerous Pursuit

THE NEW YORKER The Forgotten Work of Jessie Redmon Fauset

                                   Black Women Writers and The Secret Space of Diaries

POETS & WRITERS  Activating Public Space With Books

                                   Kimbilio Nurtures Black Writers    

PACIFIC STANDARD For a Writer of Color, Is Twitter More Valuable Than an MFA? 

COMING OF FAITH  Why aren't little black girls allowed to be innocent? 

MICHIGAN QUARTERLY REVIEW Pomegranates and Paramours: A Study of "Song of Solomon"

                                                           Lettuce and Kings: The Power Struggle Between Horus and Set

                                                           Spices and Sleep: A Look Inside "Kebra Nagast"

BOOK RIOT (selected pieces) Kafka and the Black Lives Matter Movement

                                                    What Makes Writing Sensual?

                                                    On The Beauty of Recitation

                                                   The Genius Behind Nameless Protagonists

THE TOAST Why Black Men and Women Critique Each Other

                     Loving The Blackness of Leona Cassiani 

Sports and Pop Culture

PITCHFORK Azealia Banks and the Double Standard of Mental Illness

THE ATLANTIC Why the Debate Over Nate Parker Is So Complex

ROLLING STONE  Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest Tells Us About America

                                Usain Bolt: What The World's Fastest Man Means to Jamaica

ESPN The unconventional legacy of Dominique Dawes

 ELLE    Solange's "A Seat at the Table" Is Not for Everyone

              'Lemonade' Is About Black Women Healing Themselves and Each Other

COSMOPOLITAN Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Review

VOGUE 90 Years Later, the Radical Power of Josephine Baker's Banana Skirt

SEVEN SCRIBES Kendrick Lamar: Shapeshifter 

BLAVITY Why Black People Dominate Podcasts 

HOOD FEMINISM On Annie Lennox and Erasure 

SALON The "Dear White People" Syndrome


THE NEW YORK TIMES (Op-Ed Section) How America Fails Black Girls

TEEN VOGUE Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is Getting Criticized for Her Comments on Transgender Women

THE NEW YORK TIMES (Room for Debate) A Conflict of Faith and Self

                                                                           Appreciate the History of Names to Root out Stigma

 THE DAILY DOT It's OK if the next James Bond is another white guy

                            Why Miley Cyrus shouldn't tell Nicki Minaj how to talk about race

                            Josh Duggar is a cheater and a liar—but here's the sad reason his wife won't leave

                            The important conversation about Sandra Bland's death no one is having

QUARTZ     Beyoncé’s powerful Super Bowl act was targeted and tailored specifically to black Americans

                     Society has to stop treating celebrity kids like sexually mature adults

                     Dylann Storm Roof and the conversation white America should actually be having about race

                     To Rachel Dolezal: A white NAACP president could have been a powerful thing

                     Is the camera phone the only way for black men in America to get justice?

                     Does Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Have a white savior complex?

                    This year’s Oscars prove only white actors get to be ordinary  

THE GUARDIAN    I'm a black gentrifier in Harlem - and it's not a good feeling

                              The 7 black women on magazine covers in September showcase our greatness

                             Mo'Nique Won An Oscar Then Got 'Blackballed'. Of course it's about race. 

THE TOAST  Bree Newsome and the Myth of the Strong Black Woman

EBONY       The Other Side of Privilege