It's always so hard to start a bio because I want to hold your interest while also telling as much as there is to know about me.

For starters, I was born, raised, educated, and still currently living in New Jersey.  I graduated from Princeton University with an AB in Comparative Literature, specializing in 19th century Russian Literature and Modern Postwar Japanese Literature. Currently, I'm in grad school at the Bennington Writing Seminars for Fiction. I've been writing novels since I was 15 years old; I've already completed seven novels and am currently shopping around one of my most polished manuscripts. 

Besides writing long fiction, I write screenplays, television pilots, thinkpieces, and essays. Also I speak five foreign languages (Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese).  Besides that, I love to ballroom dance, drinking jasmine pearl tea, napping, and convincing others that Dostoevsky is better than Tolstoy.

So welcome!